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Our Ethos

The following underpin our work with customers:

  • policy into practice: central to the development of all of our products is to support embedding policy and procedure into daily practice. This is vital to ensure that policies and procedures do not become divorced from practice reality;
  • supporting front line staff and managers: we design our products and processes to relieve pressure for front line staff and managers, therefore saving staff time;
  • working in partnership: this is key to our approach for all areas of our work;
  • economy, efficiency and flexibility: these values are reflected in our products and services, and in our the way we work with customers;
  • easy to use: our products and services are aimed at front line managers and staff. This audience is kept at the forefront of the development and delivery of all services and products to ensure that all content is easy to access and read
  • customer feedback: we are committed to maintaining and creating products and services that are relevant to the needs of our customers in the adult care sector. Customer feedback is central to the development of our products and is built into our development and delivery processes .We are always keen to hear ideas and views.
  • staff engagement: we believe that in order to get the maximum benefit from our products it is crucial to involve, inform and consult with front line staff and managers. This is reflected in our planning tools and processes.

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Mission Statement

Policy Partners Project is the only provider in the country of online Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) sites and related products and services, supported by specialist consultants experienced in the adult care sector.

Developed in partnership with you and designed to be used within a framework of training and performance management, our products empower your staff and managers to deliver effective and focused services to adults with care and support needs and their carers, with positive outcomes being the number one goal for us all.

Environmental Statement

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Providing an online APPP site for staff reduces our joint carbon footprint in a number of ways:

  1. We strongly recommend the policy and procedural chapters from your APPP site are not printed. The APPP site is designed to be used as a web-based facility only, unless it is necessary to print chapters or sections for a time limited purpose, such as a meeting. When staff use the online APPP site, it reduces the costs of paper, printers and ink to organisations, as well as reducing the negative impact on the environment in terms of unnecessary use of resources and production of waste materials.
  2. Using the APPP site eliminates the use of hard copy, hard-to-update documents contained in expensive ring binders, which are not durable. Old hard copy procedures should be recycled, wherever possible.
  3. The majority of our communication with your staff is conducted using email or telephone. Whilst we are committed to good customer relations and will visit you to facilitate the development and maintenance of your APPP site or other product, we are committed to keeping the costs to the environment – and to your organisation – to a minimum. When we do attend meetings with you, rail transport is our usual mode of travel.