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Our Social Value Policy

Procurement Processes and Social Value

The Public Services (Social Value Act) 2012 places a requirement on local authority commissioners to consider the economic, environmental and social benefits of their approaches to procurement before the process starts. The Act applies to the pre-procurement stage of contracts for services, as that is where social value can be considered to greatest effect, because that can inform the whole shape of the procurement approach and the design of the services required. They can use the Act to re-think outcomes and the types of services they want to commission before starting the procurement process.

Social Value is the drive to look beyond price to wider value so that each pound spent is used for the widest benefit.

Social Value Policy and Policy Partners Project

Our online Adult Policy, Procedure and Practice (APPP) Hubs integrate national and local policy, procedure, learning tools, advice and information. Whilst they are designed and developed for use by professionals, as they are public facing – hosted on open access websites – they ensure openness and accountability when working with adults with care and support needs, their carers and the wider public.

Our Company Ethos

The ethos of the Policy Partners Project compliments the goals of Social Value:

  • Efficiency – we aim to produce our products as efficiently as possible to keep costs down for our customers;
  • Effectiveness – we design our products to maximise their effectiveness for customers in terms of impact and savings in terms of time and money;
  • Environmental concerns – our products save staff time and resources, printing, paper and associated costs; the company also ensures that its travel and production costs reflect environmental concerns (see also Environmental Statement, Our Ethos);
  • Responsive – we are responsive to customer needs including conducting online questionnaires and structured feedback in order to ensure that our products meet customer needs. We respond to all queries and concerns swiftly;
  • Partnership – we work in partnership with our customers to ensure a clear understanding of local drivers, services and communities;
  • Innovative and flexible – the structure of the APPP Hub is very flexible and can be revised to suit the changing needs and services of our customers;
  • Growth and development – we constantly review our products to ensure that we stay up to date with latest developments in the adult social care field. Our products grow and change in a planned way, to ensure that they remain current and relevant to our customers;
  • Financial renumeration: we believe in paying people well. We pay our associates well in excess of the living wage and periodic bonuses also paid;
  • As directors we put back into our local communities on both an informal and formal basis, from supporting vulnerable neighbours to being a trustee for a project that works with women involved in street prostitution;
  • We are a small / medium sized enterprise, to which improving access is encouraged in the National Procurement Strategy for Local Government in England 2014.

Outcomes for Customers

Our products are dynamic and grow and develop in line with national and local policy, procedure and practice, and reflect new ways of working such as integration with health.

We build in new functions /style, as appropriate to the APPP Hub.

We ensure that our products keep pace with new technology so that they do not get out dated.

The APPP Hub has short, medium and long term outcomes for customers:

  • Short term outcomes – within the first six months to one year, customers achieve an integrated set of policies, procedures and practice guidance which support front line staff and managers to do their jobs, and provides information and advice to the public. The APPP Hub Implementation and Development Plan is drafted and shared with customers for them to action.
  • Medium term outcomes – in the second and third years of the contract customers will further achieve a fully localised APPP Hub. The Implementation and Development Plan is regularly revised to ensure that APPP content is embedded into front line practice through supervision, appraisal, induction and training. Where required, staff and service user surveys are built in.
  • Long term outcomes – in subsequent years, the APPP Hub becomes the ‘go to place’ for front line staff and managers, and members of the public. The product is revised based on feedback from staff and service users via audit and surveys.

Social Value: Triple Bottom Line

In order to ensure that our products provide the maximum financial and practical benefit for our customers, we work to the social value triple bottom line.

  • Economic: There are no version control issues, which reduces staffing costs in terms of policy officer / staff time. Information to the public on the services and referral pathways for adult social care can reduce demand on adult social care by signposting service users to the right pathway at the right time. Systematic usage of the APPP Hub should ensure consistent practice and should therefore reduce the number of complaints as well as support efficient management of complaints and Freedom of Information Act requests, and preparation for inspections. The Hub supports the efficient management of performance and practice issues, including management of disciplinary hearings. The APPP Hub supports the organisation to embed business plans, as well as savings targets and goals.
  • Environmental: Printing costs are reduced. Policy Partners Project also invariably travels to meetings by train and other forms of public transport, rather than by car. Much of our liaison with customers takes place via phone and email to keep environmental costs to a minimum.
  • Social Value: This is a public facing site which can be used to raise public awareness of the provision and processes of adult social care. It includes information and advice to members of the public, in turn helping local authorities meet a key requirement of the Care Act 2014.

Where required the Hub can be used to get feedback, interact and engage with service users and carers to inform the development of adult social care services, information and advice.

Where they are signposted to the Hub, content can help raise public awareness of key issues such as safeguarding and mental capacity to support service users and carers to remain safe and well.

Content can support specific user and carer groups and respond to their needs for advice and information.

Content can integrate information about local community resources and groups.

Where required the APPP Hub can signpost to online training resources for service users and carers.

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