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Our Products

The Policy Partners Project provides a number of products and services for adult social care, Safeguarding Adult Boards and private care providers. Click on the links below to find out more information about how we may assist your organisation:

  • Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) Sites – transformation of traditional paper-based policies and procedures manuals into online, easy to use websites;
  • Care Pathway Design / Redesign – consultancy support to develop, describe and implement new ways of working, including with the health and social care integration agenda;
  • Community Activity Directories – bespoke customer community support and service portals;
  • Department of Health / Mental Capacity Contract – working with Coventry Adult Social Care to refreshed existing documents and information which support embedding the key principles of the Mental Capacity Act;
  • Mini APPP Sites – small websites which contain key chapters and information for use by staff on smart phones and tablets, away from the office;
  • Policy into Practice – bespoke workforce development / training packages.

Click here to find out about the Customer Benefits for you and your staff, and Our Social Value Policy if you are involved in local authority procurement and commissioning processes.