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Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) Sites

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Our APPP sites are online versions of the traditional paper-based policies and procedures manual.

We provide a range of APPP sites for:

  • adult social care;
  • Safeguarding Adults Boards; and
  • domiciliary and residential adult care providers.

Our APPP sites reflect the Care Act 2014, the Care and Support Statutory Guidance 2014 and the Care Quality Commission’s Fundamental Standards and Key Lines of Enquiry. Features include:

  • recognisable branding by using your corporate colour and logo;
  • links to all our Resources;
  • update email notification to all registered front line staff and managers to alert them to changes;
  • Google Analytics function, which allows you to monitor staff usage of the APPP site;
  • an email / newsletter facility to communicate APPP site news to your staff;
  • a document store for local leaflets and forms, directly managed by you;
  • digital sign off – staff can sign to say they have read chapters;
  • epractice for key chapters – a short online quiz for staff to test their understanding of the information;
  • adapts to smart phone and tablet technology, enabling it to be used by staff who work remotely or require information during home visits;
  • for adult social care and provider customers specific chapters and sections can be linked directly to electronic recording systems.

(Some of these features do not apply to the subscription model – see below.)

APPP Models

We offer a number of different APPP models, dependent on your local needs.

Model Customers Features
Bespoke Adult Social Care, Safeguarding Adult Boards, Provider Services PPP content integrated with customer’s local content in dedicated APPP site – to provide a fully bespoke site
Format and Review Adult Social Care, Safeguarding Adult Boards, Provider Services Customer’s existing content is reviewed and web enabled; incorporated into a branded APPP site
Off the Peg + Safeguarding Adult Boards, Provider Services PPP content in branded APPP site, with local documents store for customer’s own documents)
Subscription Provider Services Access to PPP content only via generic APPP site

The Bespoke and Format and Review APPP sites are very flexible and can grow and adapt to include local or national practice guidance; bringing policy and practice together into one single point of contact for staff. These APPP sites are the go-to resource for the adult care sector to support safe and consistent practice.

See also Customer Benefits for more information about advantages of the APPP site.

Example Site Links

Click on the links below to view customer and demo APPP sites.

Adult social care:

Safeguarding Adults Boards:


  • click here to view a demonstration site, with contents for both domiciliary and residential care services.

APPP Site Development Process

For Bespoke and Format and Review APPPs the process for the development and delivery of APPP site is split into a number of different stages:

Stage Detail
1. Project planning Capture local drivers, targets and workstreams; agree content and structure of chapters; agree timeframes.
2. Development of content PPP provides all content for customer to review, sign off and return; PPP reviews received content for consistency and formats to customer’s individual APPP site.
3. Go live PPP delivers live online APPP site.
4. Launch The launch is part of the vital drive to publicise it to staff, and the beginning of linking the APPP site to daily practice. Launch can be to individual staff in computer suites or offices and / or as part of formal presentation to managers and senior staff. PPP tailors the launch to local needs.
5. Developing and embedding in practice  In order to ensure that the APPP remains current, our plan formalises the process of review to support you in capturing future change. The completed plan will be used to inform the updating of the APPP
6. Ongoing APPP site revision Following the first operational version, there is one further revision in year one and twice in each following year. This is the opportunity for both parties to revise content, structure and functions from a local and national perspective.

Customer Queries

If you have any queries about the APPP site, please Contact Us.