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Mini APPP Sites

Mini Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) sites are small websites which contain key chapters and information for use by staff who spend time away from the office. They can be purchased as part of a main APPP site contract – where chapters to be included are agreed with the customer and contain local content – or as a standard, off-the-peg product.

Customised Mini APPP sites can be developed and employed in numerous ways. For example, they can be used by social care staff on home visits containing procedural information about safeguarding, lone working and risk assessments for example. Mini APPP sites can also be used by Safeguarding Adults Boards, so key safeguarding information is easily and instantly accessible to partner agency staff. This may include information on categories and signs of abuse or neglect, how to make an alert and mental capacity for example, which may be used by police officers, district nurses or home care workers for instance. Private care providers providing domiciliary or supported living services may use Mini APPP sites to provide key health and safety procedures and recipes and nutritional information to assist with meal provision, for example.

Mini APPP sites operate in a similar way to a traditional application (app), but are more cost-effective and efficient to develop, update and manage.

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