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PPP understands that adult services have never faced more challenging times, with increased demands and fewer resources.

Complete our quick quiz to see how our adult policies, procedures and practice (APPP) sites could support your frontline staff and strategic direction of travel.

If you answer no to any of the following questions, please do contact us to see how we can help.

Q Are your policies, procedures and practice guidance up to date?
Our APPP content is up to date, kept updated and is reviewed by our specialist lawyer.
Q Are your procedures easy to update?
As all of our content is online it is easy to update. Staff receive email alerts to changes at each revision, and a list of previous amendments kept on the site to track changes.
Q Can you always identify the changes that you need to make?
We take responsibility for identifying national changes at each revision, ensuring that you will always be up to date; we also incorporate your local changes.
Q Are your procedures easy to access for FoIs, inspections and complaints management?
Our sites bring all procedures together so that you can be confident that your staff will always have immediate, easy access, 24/7, to your up to date procedures.
Q Are all your procedures consistent in terms of format and terminology?
We review your local content to ensure, consistency of format and terminology, in line with legislation and national guidance.
Q Are you able to easily capture and communicate new ways of working?
Our sites are flexible so they can be adapted and shaped to suit changes in your organisation, including health and social care integration, emarket places, community directories, asset based assessment and self-assessment.
Q Are service health checks and staff feedback surveys easy to carry out and cascade results to staff?
We can carry out staff surveys and provide summary reports; the results of which can be integrated into your site
Q Do your policies and procedures link to your workforce development strategy and training plan?
APPP sites provide an ideal training resource for CDP and induction of new staff. This includes a digital staff sign-off facility and an epractice interactive function, which help embed policy and procedure into daily practice.
Q Do you have an easy way of developing and sharing best practice?
We can provide a specific section for Best Practice which will hold national and local examples of best practice. We include as standard an email / newsletter function that can be used to build communities of practice across your organisation.
Q Are your risk management policies and procedures understood by all staff?
Our APPPs ensure that your risk assessment processes, tools and escalation procedures are clear and easily accessed by all staff and front line managers.
Q Do your current policies and procedures link directly to your customer information systems?
We insert links, as required, to your customer information systems, in order to link policy directly into practice.