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This section provides links to guidance, other information and national organisations who provide services and support to provider services.

Guidance Reports and Information

Coronavirus / COVID-19

Click on the links below for a list of resources published by the Department of Health and Social Care and NICE:


Recently added:

April 2022: Supporting Personal Relationships (Skills for Care)

Click here to also view all NICE Quick Guides on social care topics.

Advance care planning: A quick guide for registered managers of care homes and home care services (NICE)

Beyond Barriers: How Older People move between Health and Care in England (CQC)

Care and Support of People Growing Older with Learning Disabilities Overview (NICE)

Care Homes and Equipment: Guiding Principles for Assessment and Provision (Royal College of Occupational Therapists)

Cold Weather Plan for England (UKSA, NHS, Met Office)

Care Providers: Improvement Support (SCIE)

Complaints: Good Practice Guide for Care Providers (LGSCO)

COVID-19: Guidance on Home Care Provision (Department of Health and Social Care)

COVID-19: Guidance on Residential Care Provision (Department of Health and Social Care)

COVID-19: Guidance for Supported Living Provision (Department of Health and Social Care)

Dementia: Assessment, Management and Support for People living with Dementia and their Carers (NICE)

Discussing and Planning Medicines Support: A Quick Guide for Home Care Managers providing Medicines Support (NICE)

Delivering High Quality End of Life Care for People who have a Learning Disability (PCPLD Network and NHS)

Enabling Positive Lives for Autistic Adults (NICE)

Enhanced Health in Care Homes Learning from Experiences so far (Kings Fund)

Equally Outstanding: Equality and Human Rights – Good Practice Resource (CQC)

Falls: applying All Our Health (Public Health England)

Guidance for Providers (CQC)

Guidance for Social or Community Care and Residential Settings on COVID-19 (Department of Health and Social Care)

Guidance on Outbreaks of Influenza (Flu) in Care Homes (Public Health England)#

Heatwave Plan for England (PHE, DHSC and NHS)

Helping to Prevent Infection: A Quick Guide for Managers and Staff in Care Homes (SCIE)

Helping to Prevent Winter Deaths and Illnesses associated with Cold Homes (SCIE and NICE)Helping You Deliver Good and Outstanding Care (Skills for Care)

Home Care: Delivering Personal Care and Practical Support to Older People living in their own Homes (NICE)

Improving Healthcare Access for People with Learning Disabilities (Public Health England)

Learning Disabilities and Behaviour that Challenges: Service Design and Delivery (NICE)

Learning from Safety Incidents (CQC)

Managing Medicines in Care Homes (NICE)

Medicines in Health and Social Care: Learning from risks and sharing good practice for better outcomes (CQC)

Moving between Hospital and Home, including Care Homes: A Quick Guide for Registered Managers of Care Homes and Home Care (SCIE)

Older People with Social Care Needs and Multiple Long-term Conditions (NICE)

Recognising and Preventing Delirium (NICE)

Safeguarding Adults Protocol: Pressure Ulcers and the interface with a Safeguarding Enquiry (Department of Health and Social Care)

Smiling Matters: Oral Health Care in Care Homes (CQC)

Support with CQC Inspections and Ratings (SCIE)

Supporting Personal Relationships (Skills for Care)

Supporting vulnerable people before and during a heatwave: for care home managers and staff

The Role of Care Homes in End of Life Care (Public Health England)

Transition between Inpatient Hospital Settings and Community or Care Home Settings for Adults with Social Care Needs (NICE)

Transition between Inpatient Mental Health Settings and Community or Care Home Settings (NICE)

Transition from Children’s to Adults’ Services for Young People using Health or Social Care Services (NICE)

Information for Adults and Carers

Marie Curie Easy Read Booklets – available for different care and support issues


Care England

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Home Care Association

National Care Forum

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Skills for Care

Skills for Health

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

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