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At Policy Partner’s Project, we pride ourselves in our relationships with our customers. These are quotes from some of our customers.

Calderdale Adults and Wellbeing

We started working with Policy Partners in August 2021. The Policy Portal sets out the Care Act and other legislation in easy to read chapters, some of which have an audio version and / or a short test. This ensures that staff can learn at their own pace and supports managers to have confidence that staff understand and implement policy and procedures consistently. Angie and Lucy have provided us with an enormous amount of support in updating our policies. There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of content and tailoring of the portal to our specific needs, and we can choose to have our own content, the content provided by Policy Partners or both. The process for updating content is straightforward and both Angie and Lucy are very helpful, very personal and really desire to get the portal looking and working the way we need it to.

Coventry City Council

I have developed a great partnership with Policy Partners and their dedication to my website is evident in all aspects of the site. I appreciate their attention to detail and their overall approach. They are responsive to my requests, the site provides me with exactly what I want, and I am very happy with the hit rate it receives.

Hull City Council

Working with Policy Partners Project to develop and maintain our online policy and procedure platform has been a real joy. The team are highly professional, efficient and responsive with a thorough knowledge of adult social care law, policy and guidance. The service they provide is clearly built around the customer and they personalise it to meet the unique needs of each of their customers. The quality of the product is second to none and the customer service is fantastic. I would recommend Policy Partners Project to anyone seeking an online hosting platform.

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Adults Boards

Very responsive offering creative ideas based on practice experience.

Manchester Adult Social Care

  • We believe Policy Partners Project are very knowledgeable about their field. This has been demonstrated in the content they have provided, through the suggestions they have made in terms of developing the site and in terms of their understanding and appreciation of how local authorities work.  We have been happy with the content provided and have only altered it where Manchester processes are more localised.
  • PPP have managed the process very well. They have provided very clear timescales and expectations of the Policy Portal (the APPP) project and have provided us with tools to enable us meet those timescales and requirements.
  • They have worked well in partnership with us; they have provided guidance and support when necessary and are extremely approachable. They have suggested different ways of doing things and innovative ideas for areas such as the launch events. They have met with us when needed and linked us in to other customers in order for us to benefit from their experience.
  • We are very pleased with the Portal. We have secured buy in from senior managers and it has been well received by our staff and managers. Positive feedback has been received all round.
  • PPP have been extremely helpful and flexible. They have been understanding of local authority processes and restrictions around the contract and payments and were very flexible in terms of this. They have also been flexible with timescales and adjusted them accordingly where necessary. They are always on hand to assist if we have any queries and will always look to find a quick and effective solution to any issues.
  • They respond to all issues raised in a timely manner and try and resolve in an effective and efficient way.
  • We would recommend Policy Partners and the Portal. We add a caveat that if organisations decide to utilise the portal they should be aware that it does require quite significant resourcing from themselves in order to get the most out of the system.

Royal Borough of Greenwich

Greenwich have been working with Policy Partners Project for several years. The APPP website has really worked for us – when we needed an easy to access tool that allowed all grades of staff to know the law and how to apply it. PPP are exceptional partners – patient and understanding but gently nudging us to get to the finish line with all of the updates. We have developed a strong partnership and have started to explore how the website will support the regulatory inspection framework. The success of the project can be put down to how we collaborated and developed something basic and progressed it to be a comprehensive information portal.

South Tyneside Safeguarding Adults Board

South Tyneside Safeguarding Adults Board has successfully worked with Policy Partners project for a couple of years now in the updating and hosting of the online safeguarding adults policies and procedures. This work has made a significant positive impact on multi-agency partners who have a much better understanding of the procedures. Policy Partners Project have always been prompt in response to request and very supportive in the awareness raising that we have undertaken in South Tyneside.


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