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Our Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) sites are online versions of the traditional paper-based policies and procedures manual. We provide APPP sites for different customers, so scroll down for more information or click on the buttons below to jump to a dedicated page:

Our Aims

We have worked on the front line and understand the issues around putting policy and procedures into practice (see Testimonials and About Us).

  • Putting Policy into Practice: supporting customers to embed policy and procedure into front line practice;
  • Supporting Front Line Staff and Managers: products designed to be easy to use, access and read to relieve pressure and save time;
  • Working in Partnership: we are flexible and start when and where you need depending on local circumstances and drivers;
  • Customer Feedback: is central to the development of our products and is built into our development and delivery processes. We are always keen to hear ideas and views.

To find out more see Customer Benefits.

APPP Models Available

As we know that each organisation has different needs, local targets and drivers – we offer four APPP models.

Bespoke – if you do not have current policies and procedures, our template APPP provides comprehensive and up to date chapter content. We combine your local content with our chapters, to create a site which is bespoke to you.

Format and Review – if you have existing policies and procedures, we review and provide feedback on these. They will then be formatted creating a customised APPP site. Our chapters from our template APPP can be added if required.

Consortium Sites – created specifically for multi-agency Safeguarding Adult Boards to share content between consortium members

Subscription sites – for small provider services, annual subscription to generic content.

APPP Site Development Process

Our development and delivery process begins with getting an understanding of your organisation’s requirements. We start where you are and develop the site and content in a timeframe to suit you.

Stage Detail
1. Demonstration meeting No strings attached meeting to demonstrate our sites, discuss local issues and drivers and strategic requirements. This can be conducted online.
2. Contract agreed and APPP model specified.
3. Scoping meeting Understand local drivers, targets, workstreams and specific time constraints.
Draft content and structure of chapters agreed.
Timescales for development and delivery agreed.
4. Development of content Bespoke Model
PPP provides content for customer to review, sign off and return by agreed date.
PPP reviews local content for consistency.
Content combined and formatted to customer’s individual APPP site.
Format and Review
Customer provides existing content by agreed date.
PPP reviews, provides feedback and suggests additional content.
All content formatted to customer’s individual APPP site.
5. Go live PPP delivers live online APPP site by agreed date.
6. Launch Launches raise the profile of the APPP, embedding it into daily practice so that customers derive maximum benefit.
Launches can be to individual staff in computer suites or offices, part of formal presentation to managers and senior staff, or be part of ongoing practice forums. PPP tailors the launch to local needs.
7. Developing and embedding in practice We work alongside customers to develop the site content and functions to meet local needs, including continuing to work jointly to embed the site into front line practice.
8. Ongoing updates Following the first edition of the APPP version, there is one update in year one and two in subsequent years. This is the opportunity for both parties to revise content, structure and functions from a local and national perspective.

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