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PPP have been really easy to work with. They are very knowledgeable and well organised. They have been flexible and made helpful suggestions along the way. We are very pleased with the product and PPP’s attitude to the importance of regular review.
Bedford Adult Social Care

Front Line Practice Benefits:

  • one stop shop for all key policy, procedure and practice guidance; local and national content;
  • up to date and kept updated;
  • supporting high quality and consistent practice;
  • supporting performance management: content can be flagged and used as checklist for supervision, work planning and performance management, appraisal and induction;
  • embedding organisational goals, business plans, goals and targets into day to day practice;
  • new ways of working captured and added to site, keeping all staff up to date with changes in service delivery / organisational culture changes.

Efficiency and Economic Benefits:

  • online resource means there are no version control issues;
  • saves time for frontline managers and legal services, as it becomes the first port of call for staff with policy, procedure and practice queries;
  • saves time looking for relevant guidance and tools via easy to use search function;
  • reduces printing costs and use of environmental resources.


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