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The Safeguarding Adult Board, Procedure and Practice (APPP) site has been created specifically for multi-agency staff working with safeguarding adults.

Content includes:

  • key national legislation, policy and practice guidance, including the Care and Support Statutory Guidance;
  • all content is edited and formatted for ease of access;
  • linked resources including legislation, guidance, key Safeguarding Adult Review reports, glossary, regular briefings, provider resource documents;
  • local content can be integrated;
  • branded by using your corporate colours and logo.

Features include:

  • adapts to smart phone and tablet technology, enabling it to be used by staff who work remotely or require information during home visits;
  • update email alert to all registered staff to inform of latest changes;
  • Practice Hotspots area, managed by you hosting current practice information, including staff presentations, key messages from senior managers, Safeguarding Adult Review reports, etc;
  • local document store for leaflets and forms, directly managed by you;
  • reading confirmation – staff can sign when they have read chapters;
  • monitoring of site usage;
  • email / newsletter facility to communicate APPP site news;
  • links to electronic recording systems.

Example Site Links

Click on the links below to view customer APPP sites.

Safeguarding Adults Boards:

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