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Adult services have never faced more challenging times, with an increased demand for services and fewer resources. Staff are busy and need to have easy access to information which can support them in their role – including when they are working away from their office base.

Complete our quick quiz to see how our adult policies, procedures and practice (APPP) sites could support you and your staff.

If you answer no to any of the following questions, please do Contact Us to see how we can help.

Q Are your policies, procedures and practice guidance up to date?
Our policies, procedures and practice guidance content are kept updated and are written and reviewed by our team of specialists, including an adult social care lawyer.
Q Are your key local and national documents linked together?
Our template information can be linked with your local policies and procedures to ensure staff have both the national and local perspective.
Q Are your policies and procedures easy to find?
We can create your own branded website – containing all information in one place with an excellent search facility, which reduces staff time in locating vital information. The website can be added as a shortcut / icon via your IT systems and can be accessed on mobile phones / tablets for when staff are out on visits or at meetings.
Q Are your staff routinely informed of changes to policies and procedures?
Staff receive email alerts from us with a summary of the latest changes, so they can see at a glance whether the changes affect their area of practice or interest.
Q Are your procedures easy to access for FoIs, inspections and complaints management?
Every version of a chapter or page is stored in the site, so previous versions can be easily accessed upon request.
Q Do your staff have access to features that help them embed policy and procedure information into their daily practice?
Our sites have a number of features designed specifically to support practice including: quizzes so staff can check their understanding of key information; a facility for staff to sign electronically to confirm they have read specific chapters and quick reads and audio summaries of key information for staff and members of the public who do not need to read the full chapter.
Q Is there sometimes more than one version of a policy or procedure available?
There is only ever the most recent version of a document on our site, eliminating the possibility that staff are working to out of date or different versions.
Q Are you able to easily capture and communicate new ways of working?
Our sites are flexible, so the content can be shaped to suit changes in your organisation, following restructuring for example.
Q Do your current policies and procedures link directly to your customer information systems?
We insert links, as required, to your customer information systems, in order to link policy directly into practice.
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